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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Roof Top Autumn Afternoon with Sincerely Nellie

Featured on @BlankNYC all photos by Sincerely Nellie Photography

 I am a firm believer that "summer dresses" are best worn in fall. Throw on a badass jacket and tights and you're ready for anything this crazy weather could throw at you. I fell in love with this vegan leather jacket by BLANKNYC almost a year ago and it has become a staple piece in my the point that I jokingly refer to it as my uniform. There's just something enticing when you pair opposites, which is why I usually pair it with something girly, like this floral a-line dress.

 Don't those trees just make your heart skip a beat?! This afternoon spent with Nellie was nothing short of magical. We met at a concert because we were dressed the same and our creative brains have been on the same track since. You know when you meet someone and it feels like you've been friends since kindergarten, helped each other through high school break ups, and went to bad parties in college even though you just met? Out afternoon together was filled with laughter while our creative cylinders fired away feeding off one another. Her rawness, her drive, and her creativity inspire me. I think that translates pretty clearly in the photos. Please enjoy!


Monday, October 24, 2016

House of Mirrors

Today I made a house of mirrors. I looked at my reflection to pretend it was a different person...a friend...a stranger...just another soul. My heart would jump and I would have to look away. 
In my house of mirrors I let each judgment freely pass by. I noticed my scars, bumps, and folds, but I didn't dwell on their imperfection.

I saw the stories that behind them and the should that they shaped.
For moments in my house of mirrors, my reflection was someone else. The fiery soul before me had a spark in her eyes and a softness in her face.
 Familiar to me, but different from the face I look at each morning in my bathroom mirror.

I lost all sense of time as I saw and drank in my form.
 It was in my little house of mirrors that I connected to the skin that housed my soul.
 When I made my house of mirrors, I didn't know what I was stepping into.
In the looking glass I found something I never could have imagined.

When I opened the crack to step out, I took a deep breath and looked back to try and soak in what had just taken place.

A connection to myself...a belief in myself...swelled from within. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Store Crush: Clementine Vintage

I am a sucker for a shop filled with heart and soul. There's just a little bit of magic when you know an item has been carefully selected and lived an interesting life. It's what draws me back again and again. Imagine my excitement when an adorable clothing boutique carrying the trendiest threads AND incredible vintage finds opened just down the street from me. I immediately felt like I had found my boutique soul mate. Let me introduce you to Edmonds' newest gem, Clementine!
When it comes to fashion, I am a revolving door of change. I never know if I will wakeup feeling like Audrey Hepburn or Courtney Love, I do have one rule I stand by: pair the unexpected! This store is the perfect recipe for me. Clementine is the brainchild of a long time vintage and fashion enthusiast, Mandy Stevenson. You can tell just by walking through the front doors that this was a labor of love.

Listening to Mandy talk about this business inspires me and tickles my heart. Here's what she has to say about starting Clementine in Edmonds:

"I hope to spark a millennial hipster business  movement in Edmonds. Hopefully one cool shop in this cute ass neighborhood will inspire other young locals to open up shop here as opposed Seattle.
I'd honestly really love to someday coach others in their business ventures. I just want to be the person I needed to other people. I never in my wildest dreams thought that this was something I could have. I just thought of it like a "what will happen if I keep moving forward with this dream" experiment. I let myself be very vulnerable, took a lot of risks and ate a lot of top ramen. Turns out I could do it! Now that I know that, I want to shout it from the mountain tops!"

The excitement and passion she has is infectious. 

Take a walk inside Clementine Vintage and you will find three beautifully curated and distinct rooms. The first room I started in was the vintage room filled with pieces from the 1970's or earlier. Mandy has a wonderfully eclectic taste and an eye for design.

The next room is filled with trendy basics to accent the vintage pieces. Band tees, jackets, dresses, and sweaters line the racks. I am seriously coveting that black velvet dress with a peachy bralette underneath.

In the final room is filled with vintage records, new jewelry, hand made pendents, candles, and housewares from local artisans. I know where I'm doing my holiday shopping!

These natural stone pendants made by a local artisan, Miachael Harper @squatting_bear on Instagram.

You can find Clementine Vintage right next to Starbucks Downtown Edmonds at 508 Main Street. Find her on Instagram @clementine.vintage

"I never want my 'what will happen if I keep moving forward with my dreams' experiment to end."-Mandy Stevenson, Owner and all around badass

Get your cute butt in Clementine by November 20 and receive 10% off your entire purchase when you mention this blog post. 

When I slipped into this 90's Guess skirt I knew it was a match made in heaven! Where else am I going to find a skort?! So I had to snatch it up and I paired it with one of her new basic crop tees.

WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS JACKET? My goodness. The moment I saw it I fell in love and I swear Wes Anderson had a hand in making it. IT IS STILL AVAILABLE!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Self Portrait Photo Essay

I tried to hide my anxiety and depression for so long that it wasn't identified for years and I got REALLY good at hiding it. I went into a very deep depression when my mom was first diagnosed with cancer and I remember trying to tell a professor why I had been struggling...she looked at me and squarely said she didn't believe me.
After she received my doctors email  (upon request) she was absolutely floored and said something along the lines of how I was the last person she would have thought struggled with it. I also thought talking about the bad parts of your life was taboo, so very few people knew my mom even sick.

 I reflected deeply on this experience and realized the importance of sharing pain.

The second time my mom was diagnosed with cancer I knew I needed to be far more open. The community that surrounded me gave me so much strength. After she passed away I was deeply sad  and grieved hard. 

Whenever I feel depression coming I pour out my heart and soul to keep it at bay. I believe my openness about the process and confiding in close friends is my antidote. Moral of the story: be open and don't hold back the hard things.