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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Vintage Garden Evening in Altar'd State by Trixxi

As soon as I slipped this bell sleeved beauty on I was overcome with vintage 1960's feels. Mmmm, yea, I love it when a piece of clothing exudes a mood! The embroidery is stunning, but not overwhelming and can easily be dressed up or down. As long as everything is in the same color scheme (neutrals, jewel tones, etc.) I do not mind mixing colors!  I threw a tan hat on and my favorite black booties and I very literally could not wait to run out and shoot this dress in the garden. 

This is dress will be available at Altar'd State this holiday season. 


  1. I love your words. These photos are absolutely stunning and this dress is amazing!!!

  2. Yaaaas! So keeping an eye out for this dress over the holidays! Gorgeous as ever, lady!